Welcome to the The MIX, Luton

– a group of schools and music organisations who are working together to provide the best possible music- making opportunities for children and young people in the Luton area.

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Welcome to the The MIX,

‘The MIX’ is the Luton Music Education Hub, an innovative and enterprising body.

‘The MIX’ has an ambitious Vision to inspire and lead all children and young people towards exciting, rewarding, varied and high quality progressive musical experiences, individually and with others. ‘The MIX’ will embrace and celebrate the broad and diverse cultures of Luton and supports the vision of ‘Luton in Harmony’. ‘The MIX’ will successfully deliver the National Plan for Music in Luton, allowing all young people to participate fully in quality music-making activities delivered in new and innovative ways. We will do things differently and better.

What is ‘The MIX’?

The MIX is a partnership of over 15 partner organisations dedicated to working with all schools in Luton.

See the Hub Partners tab for more detailed information.

Just some of our key goals for children in Luton over the next three years include:

  • Ensuring that all children have a chance to learn to play a musical instrument during class tuition in their primary schools
  • Ensuring that all young people who wish to are able to continue to learn and take part in performances and ensembles
  • Ensuring that all children learn to sing and take part in concerts and shows
  • Enabling full access to musical progression routes right up to KS5
  • Supporting a range of community and family musical activities through a networked group of professional and voluntary Delivery Partners
  • Increasing the range of genres of music for young people to be involved in to include Asian, African, digital approaches, rock and pop and world music (and more according to need)