Luton Music Service

 Luton Music Service

We’re Luton’s music service, a team of specialist music teachers and supporting staff who work with teachers and young people to bring music to life in Luton. We’re part of Luton Council.

We’re the lead organisation for The Mix, Luton’s music education hub, which means we co-ordinate, manage and develop the work of the Hub, as well as taking the following activities into schools:

  • Whole class tuition – weekly tuition in a range of instruments involving classes of up to 30 pupils
  • Small group tuition – weekly tuition in groups of 3-6 in school but outside the main classroom
  • Singing activities – a range of activities such as singing assemblies, concerts involving groups of schools, choirs in school and more

… and providing for young people out of school:

To contact us, email: