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It really is a great ADVENTURE but don’t take our word for it….

“It is good to be able to read and play music! Even better when I am able to play all the music I love on my instruments!”
Chloe – flute, alto sax & piano

“I find music very exciting. I feel like it gives you a lot of opportunities in life. There are many different groups you can join! I find it so fascinating!”
Ethan – violin, trumpet & piano

“I started playing the clarinet when I was 7. It has helped me to make friends and I have even been on tour to Germany. I get to play bari sax in Funk Band, which is the best!” Lauren – clarinet & bari sax

“Playing the trumpet is cool. I get to play in lots of different groups: jazz, brass and concert band. I can play the cornet and flugel horn as well.
We take part in concerts and enter competitions.” Aidan – trumpet

There are so many instruments to play but which one will you choose?


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