Learn in school

Luton Music Service Pupil Recruitment Film 2017

Students in school learn music as part of the national curriculum up to year 9 (age 14).

Their school may also offer our whole class instrumental tuition classes where your daughter/son will learn as part of the curriculum in their class.

They may also offer small group tuition, where students learn in groups of 3-6 (particularly at primary age), or one-to-one-tuition through our Hub Accredited Tutors (HATs) (particularly at secondary age). Watch the video above to learn more.

Enquire about small group tuition

If you’re a parent and you’d like to book ‘small group’ lessons for your child, take a look at the small group tuition page and then please contact us. It’s usual to book during the summer term, for the following September, but we know that isn’t always possible, so will do our best to find a tutor if you contact us during the rest of the year. We’ll need to know what instruments your child is interested in learning and we will do our best to offer your first choice.

Enquire about one-to-one tuition

We offer one-to-one tuition through our own tutors and our  Hub Accredited Tutors (HATs) who you’ll need to contact directly – see the one-to-one tuition for more information and a list of tutors.