Luton Someries Annual Music Awards 2022

To apply for this year’s Luton Someries Music Awards, please download this document and email the completed form to by Wednesday 5 January 2022:

Luton Someries Rotary Club Music Awards 2022 letter and application form

The winners of the Luton Someries Annual Music Awards 2019 are below.


 Advanced  Instrumentalist        WINNER:      Michal Matusz

                                     JOINT RUNNERS-UP:     Amadea Topalli
                                                                             Rosie Thompson

                                                              Vocals:    Abigail Sleet


 Intermediate Instrumentalist
                                             JOINT WINNERS:      Ben Brown
                                                                                Amelie Rocha

Junior Instrumentalist                  WINNER:        Shreya Lakshminarayanan

                                                    RUNNER-UP:      Harry Dunn


The winners of the Luton Someries David Bates Music Awards 2018 are below.

Advanced Instrumentalist Joint Winner Benedict Lewis
  Instrumentalist Joint Winner Ben Abubacker
  Instrumentalist Clive Sear Piano Award Winner Abdur Rahmaan Sadiq
  Voice Winner Ruby Thorne
  Voice Highly Commended Annabel Astridge
  Voice Highly Commended Louis Chapman
Intermediate Instrumentalist Winner Jensen Doyle
  Instrumentalist Runner Up Michal Matusz
  Voice Winner Ruby Corrigan
  Voice Runner Up Abigail Sleet
Beginner Instrumentalist Winner Amelie Rocha
  Instrumentalist Runner Up Ella Hargreaves
  Voice Winner Asad Akkash

The winners of the 2017 Awards:

Advanced Instrumentalist Joint Winner Joel Gayle Tenor Horn
  Instrumentalist Joint Winner Louis Chapman Double Bass
  Vocalist Winner Francesca Carroll Voice
Intermediate Instrumentalist Winner Joshua Bowman Piano
  Instrumentalist Highly Commended Jack Topham Trombone
  Instrumentalist Highly Commended Thomas Brown Violin
Beginner Instrumentalist Joint Winner Michael Edems-Eze Violin
  Instrumentalist Joint Winner Chloe Reeves Cello
  Vocalist Winner Ruby Corrigan Voice