Singing is central to learning and making music, and is the most accessible means for a young person to access all the effects that music has been proven to have. It can help with everything from language development to self-expression and confidence. Research through the national Sing Up programme showed just how important it is for young people to sing in school.

We see singing as an integral part of making music, and so it is integrated throughout our Whole Class Ensemble Tuition and small group tuition services to primary schools, and we have the following additional services for primary, secondary and special schools:


  • A singing assembly at your school – to pass on skills and ideas to your teachers.
  • CPD/training in your primary school to help your teachers feel confident to lead singing.
  • Running/setting up your school choir.
  • Weekly music sessions in school around a particular curriculum area.


  • Developing and running a school choir.
  • Refresher training for choir leaders High School Singsation event.

A paper called The Benefits of Singing for Adolescents, by Professor Graham Welsh of The Institute of Education, University of London, summarises the benefits for pupils of this age group as:

  • Social – an enhanced sense of social inclusion, belonging, relationships, group identity
  • Psychological – self-esteem, confidence, identity and communication; expression/release of feelings; inter-personal communication
  • Physical – respiratory, cardiac function; development of control in the vocal system, which aids vocal communication; neurological functioning


  • All special schools work with Sing Up! but teachers in primary and secondary schools may not: in these cases, we can provide CPD with specialist trainers.


  • CPD with specialist trainers focussing on inclusive music-making and re-engaging young people with learning through music.


  • Singing Spectacular – a concert for all schools in the area, and a celebration of your pupils’ singing.
  • National events for your choir such as Young Voices at the O2.


Contact Kerry or Julia to discuss how we can help bring singing to life in your school:
Kerry Watson – Music Service Manager / Julia Fraser – Operations Manager, Luton Music Service – 01582 538221 / 01582 538202 / /