Small group tuition

Small group tuition is a pupil’s next step after they’ve experienced whole class tuition in school – or their first step if they haven’t. Research from Ofsted has shown that students gain the most benefits and achieve the best outcomes when they learn in small groups*. 

That’s why we offer tuition in groups of 3-6, with prices from just £6 per pupil per lesson – usually charged to parents, but you may wish to consider supporting costs with your school’s Pupil Premium grant. We also offer instrument hire.

Small group tuition is mainly offered to primary school pupils, see one-to-one tuition for tuition available in secondary schools.

Types of instrument taught

Flute                 Clarinet             Trumpet            Trombone           Violin/Viola
Cello                 Guitar               Drums                Singing

Some instruments are very popular (eg guitar and drums) so if students choose these, they may be placed on a waiting list.

Size of groups

Lessons are in either groups of 3-4 pupils, or groups of 5-6, depending on the numbers of pupils in your school interested in the particular instrument.

The price of lessons will then depend upon whether a student is taught in a group of 3-4, or 5-6. We confirm this when we write to parents and schools to confirm the start date of lessons (during late summer).


Payment is for 30 lessons delivered over the academic year and is determined by the number of pupils in each group. This may go up or down. We aren’t able to give refunds for cancellations made by the school, but where lessons are missed through teacher absence these will be made up at the end of a term or we’ll adjust future invoices accordingly.

Enquire now

If you’re a primary school and you’re looking for subsidised small group tuition for your students, call or email us. If you’re a secondary school looking for subsidised one-to-one tuition for your students, see our one-to-one tuition/Hub Accredited Tutors page.

If you’re a parent and you’d like to book lessons for your child, it’s usual to book during the summer term, for a September start, but we know that isn’t always possible, so will do our best to find a tutor if you contact us during the rest of the year. We’ll need to know what instruments your child is interested in learning (their first and second choices), and check which tutors have availability.

* Ofsted says, in its Good Practice Survey of Music Services 2002, “inspection evidence shows that the highest quality is found where pupils learn in groups of three, four, five or more, up to and including the intermediate stage of learning”.