Luton Music Service

COVID-19 update

Posted 24 March 2020

The Luton Music Service office will be closed until further notice, so please do not come to the Leagrave Centre at this time.

We will not be able to answer the phone until further notice but please email, if you have any queries, as this inbox will be continually monitored.

We are looking into ways of delivering online music lessons to our individual and small-group-lesson pupils but we do not currently know what might be possible. We will contact you individually, if we are able to offer your child some online tuition. We are exploring ways in which to do this safely and effectively.

We will not be invoicing parents for the summer term (April – July 2020). This includes charges that we would normally make for instrument hire. If you pay by direct debit, no payments will be taken for the summer term. 

With regard to fees that have been paid for the current term (January – April 2020), we will review the situation and will be in touch when Luton Music Service is up and running again.

Information posted on 24 March 2020

 Luton Music Service

We’re Luton’s music service, a team of specialist music teachers and supporting staff who work with teachers and young people to bring music to life in Luton. We’re part of Luton Council.

We’re the lead organisation in The Mix, Luton’s music education hub, which means we co-ordinate, manage and develop the work of the Hub, as well as taking the following activities into schools:

  • Whole class tuition – weekly tuition in a range of instruments involving classes of up to 30 pupils
  • Small group tuition – weekly tuition in groups of 3-6 in school but outside the main classroom
  • Singing activities – a range of activities such as singing assemblies, concerts involving groups of schools, choirs in school and more

… and providing for young people out of school:


Who we are

We’re a small team, comprising the management team and music teaching team.


Kerry Watson – Music Service Manager
Kerry Watson - Photo 200 wide x 266 high pixels

Julia Fraser – Operations Manager
Julia Fraser - Photo 200 wide x 245 high pixels

Lynda Smith – Admin Manager

Catherine Payton – Admin Assistant

Patricia Albone – Clerical Assistant

To contact us, email:

Music teachers

Riad Abji Guitar/African Drumming
Mike Chidell Upper Strings
Jo Coombes Early Years, Foundation & Primary
Adam Cowburn Percussion/Ukulele
Julia Fraser Voice
Claire Frost Woodwind
Chris Gawkowski Woodwind
Charlene Knight  
Philip Knight Guitar/Ukulele
Steve Merriman Woodwind/Ukulele
Andrea Carew  
Vabiz Parks Upper Strings
Alice Payne Lower Strings
Helen Ronald Woodwind
Simon Router Brass
Billy Strachan Percussion
Ellie Fromow Voice
Ellie Thomas-McCann Guitar
Kerry Watson Voice
Helen Wingate Lower Strings/Ukulele

To contact us, email:

Music tutors (weeknights & Saturday mornings)

Harriet Baker
Adam Cowburn
Tony Coaker
Richard Cowling
Chris Doggett
Julia Fraser
Claire Frost
Shirley Gray
Katie Jenkins
Gareth Lloyd
Eddie Morgan
Shirley Plummer
Nick Ridout
Simon Router
Billy Strachan
Ellie Fromow
Kerry Watson

Harriet Baker
Harriet Baker - Photo 200 wide x 256 high pixels

To contact us, email:


Luton Music Service Safeguarding Policy September 2018